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We R Memory Keepers – Storage And Organization Tips

Hello, crafty friends! I’m back today to share a few organizational tips with you all. I don’t have a craft room – all my crafting is done at the kitchen table, so I’ve had to find the best storage solutions that allowed me to get my supplies in and out in a fast and easy way.

A must-have for me is a rolling cart. All my basic supplies, such as scissors, adhesives, trimmers, but also mixed media supplies and other tools that I use on a daily basis are sitting in the cart and easily accessible at any time. Here is also where I store all the bits and pieces from collections I’m working with. They sit in separate pretty little plates or bowls and get rearranged based on my needs.

A separate cart is entirely dedicated to my We R Memory Keepers tools.

I used the new amazing Label It Maker to mark the trays based on type of supply and keep them as organized as possible — on a side note, this works really well when you have kids that love to use your crafty tools! They know exactly where everything goes, and it makes it easier to clean up!

What I love about the Label It Maker is that it is easy and fast to use, and comes with accessories, such as font wheels, label holders, and a wide variety of colored tape rolls, that help in the organization process. You can change tape and font wheels in no time, and color-code your supplies for a very organized space.

Bins, boxes and baskets are also a wonderful option, especially if you don’t have a designated area where you can just sit and craft. I try to find pretty, but also functional items that can be easily transported from the storage room, where all my supplies are, to my scrappy space. They are affordable and definitely help keep your stash super organized – I usually categorize everything per type, collection, or manufacturer to make it easier to find what I’m looking for.

Wire baskets are great for holding washi tape rolls as well. Anything helps in a small space, right?

Sometimes I find that storage units meant to be used for a specific item are perfect for crafting supplies. This nail polish organizer keeps ink sprays, paint bottles and embossing powders neat and tidy. It is sturdy but light, so easy to carry around.

One last thing I wanted to show you is how I organize my ink pads. My husband just finished this unit for me. It holds so many of them! A great way to keep it functional is by color – The little adhesive dots I inked and adhered to the outside of each case are a great help when it comes to find color combinations.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my ways of organizing craft supplies. I’m open to suggestions if you have any tips and tricks you would like to share with me 😉

Thank you for stopping by!


Label It

Label It 3/8” Label Holders

Label It Tape Rolls

Label It Small Serif Font Wheel

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