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Sahin Designs – Using watercolor with cut files.

Welcome back, Friends. Today I want to show you how you can give your cut files more dimension by pairing them with watercolors. I’ve always loved the soft look watercolor paint gives to any projects. It just adds the right amount of interest without being overwhelming.

The new Bookmark collection, although meant to document your love for books and reading, is also very versatile and perfect for other themes. I fell in love with the gorgeous floral paper and coordinating stamp. If you know my work a little, you’ll know I love transforming Elif’s art into cut files. That’s exactly what I did for this layout.


This picture of my daughter was taken on the day of her third birthday. She is the sweetest little thing and I can’t believe she is already three! As I mentioned above, my goal was to create a soft page. The delicate look of the flowers gave me the inspiration to go beyond the use of the cut file on its own. I first backed the biggest, central flower with some vellum. Vellum is also perfect if you want to achieve a dreamy look. Then, after gluing only the center of the flowers I started adding the paint underneath the petals. The colors I chose coordinate perfectly with the Bookmark collection.


The butterflies are from the Butterfly Lullaby collection. I printed and fussy cut them. I love the pop of color they add.


I finished the page with a few things from my stash, such as the title, the mirror flowers and some enamel dots.

I hope you enjoyed this process and will give this technique a try. As always, don’t forget to check out the store for the new Bookmark collection and many other gorgeous ones.

Thank you for stopping by.

Have a great day!





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Sahin Designs – Stitching on a layout.

Hello there, friends! I’m back today to share with you one of my favorite techniques when it comes to create a scrapbook layout. If you know my work, you might have noticed that I always try to find new ways to create interest and different textures on my pages. Stitching has become a somewhat constant presence, as I find it beautiful and fun, and allows me to let my creativity fly.

As usual, to make it easier and less time consuming, I use my Silhouette Cameo as my main tool. In this case, it works perfectly to create the pattern and the holes that I need for stitching. It may seem complicated and a bit discouraging at first, but with a little practice it is totally doable and enjoyable.

The beautiful Cupid collection by Sahin Designs was perfect for the picture I wanted to scrap. We gave our first daughter a little stuffed lamb after she turned one. It was our way to try to get rid of her pacifier. To our surprise, it worked like magic. After the first couple of nights, her “bunny” (that’s how she called it) became the best thing ever. I found the perfect quote on one of the cards from the collection I mentioned above. If you would like to know how to transform a printable into a cut file, please read my process in my previous post.

Here is the layout:

Elif - Cupid - Main

Once you create your cut file, you can choose the portion you want to stitch. In this case, I only wanted to stitch around the words, so I selected the whole image and created an outline with the Offset function.

Cupid - Silhouette screen1

You can see the outline portion in the image below:


Once the image is selected, you can pick the Perforated Edge option in the Cut Settings function. One thing to pay attention to is the inside portion of the letters. If you want to stitch those as well, make sure to choose Release Compound Path and select the individual pieces before applying the Perforate (not Perforate Edge) option.

Here’s a close up:

Cupid - Silhouette screen4

And here are some close ups that will give you a better idea of the final result:

Elif - Cupid - Close up 1

Elif - Cupid - Close up 5

The flower below is one of the elements in the Butterfly Lullaby collection.

Elif - Cupid - Close up 2

Elif - Cupid - Close up 3

Elif - Cupid - Close up 4

I hope you decide to give this technique a try. I personally enjoy stitching, and it is something I can do while watching a movie or whenever I have some time to relax. Please leave me a comment if you have any questions.

Thank you for stopping by. Have a great day.



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Creating a cohesive look on a layout.

Hello there. I’m back with you today to share my tip on how to create a cohesive look on a layout. Although scrapbook collections, either physical and digital, are made of elements that are meant to go together, some times incorporating all the different bits and pieces can be a little challenging, depending on what you are used to work with. My goal when creating a page is to incorporate as many elements as possible in a way that makes sense to me.

One thing that I often do is pick a color or an element (or both) from a collection and use it as my main focal point. I think repetition is the key to achieve a well-rounded and harmonious look.

Elif Sahin - Picnic A

The new Picnic Day collection that Elif Sahin designed is full of gorgeous, bright colors and fun element. As I wanted to incorporate as much as I could in my project, I chose a cut file that allowed me to use different pattern papers over and over again without being overwhelming.

Elif Sahin - Picnic closeup 1

I also decided to stitch around some of the shapes to make them stand out a little more, as well as add colorful thread here and there. You can see how all the different colors alternate in a perfect sequence.

As much as I love the green polka dot pattern paper that comes in the collection, I thought it would be too much to add to this page, so I decided to modify it a little bit by covering it up with some vellum. You can still see the polka dots and a little bit of color in some of the shapes, but it is very light and airy.

Elif Sahin - Picnic closeup 2

I finished up my layout by adding some elements from the same collection, as well as some wood veneer and acrylic shapes (title) from my stash. Again repeating colors and textures.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my process and felt inspired by it.

Thank you for stopping by. Have a great day!