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We R Memory Keepers – Pleated Wrapping Paper

Hello everyone!  Today I’m sharing a gift wrapping idea using a few We R Memory Keepers tools.

Have you ever seen pleated wrapping paper? I came across it on Pinterest, and got hooked! I think it’s elegant and very unique, and it really makes an impact.

For these boxes I used the Gift Wrap Book from the Crate Paper Willow Lane collection. Although the design is more noticeable on solid wrapping paper, I’m a sucker for patterned paper, so that’s what I used today 🙂

I started by folding a 9×24 inch paper in half. Then, using the Tri-Fold Magnetic Mat, I positioned the 18 inch ruler that comes with it above the crease, and folded the paper over it­ – This mat is perfect if you need to keep your paper in place without shifting.

Next, I folded the first crease on top of the second, and doubled the paper again, like in the photos below.

This gave me the middle pleat, which became my base for the other two. Each pleat is about ½ inch, but you could easily vary the size if you wanted to. The width of the We R Memory Keepers ruler worked really well in this case, as the pleats are about half its size.

To keep the pleats in place, I adhered tape on the back – I used washi tape here to show how you would hold it together, but clear tape or double-sided adhesive would be ideal.

After wrapping up the box, I worked on the embellishments. I love how the Bow Loom allows you to make perfect bows in a variety of sizes. Here I created a Three Wraps Ribbon in no time.

Last, I made some mini tassels with the Tassel Loom on the 2 inch size, and finished decorating the boxes.

I am pleased with the way these turned out, and hope you’ll feel inspired to give pleated wrapping paper a try!


Tri-Fold Magnetic Mat & 18in Magnetic Ruler

Bow Loom

Tassel Loom

Crate Paper Willow Lane Gift Wrap Book

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