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Crate Paper – Tropical Party Garland

Hello, CP friends! Summer is in full swing, and we only have a few more weeks left before returning to the usual routine of school and various kids’ activities. How about a tropical themed party to celebrate the warm and long summer days with family and friends?

Party décor has become an essential step in my event planning. It helps bring the theme to life and welcomes your guests in an inviting way. Today I’m sharing an easy DIY garland made of colorful flowers and tropical leaves that is sure to set the tone for a great outdoor summer party. The Wild Heart collection, with its fun colors and patterns, was perfect for this.

Tropical Party Garland by @enzamg for @cratepaper using #ppwildheart. #diy #handmadedecor #partydecor

I started by choosing the color scheme, and gathering the patterned papers I wanted to use. I went with green for the foliage, and pink and yellow for the flowers. I used my die cutting machine to cut the shapes, but there are lots of templates online that can be easily traced or printed and fussy cut.

Tropical Party Garland by @enzamg for @cratepaper using #ppwildheart. #diy #handmadedecor #partydecor

For the flowers, I layered a smaller flower on top of the bottom one to create dimension; I also varied their sizes, alternating them for a more natural look.

Tropical Party Garland by @enzamg for @cratepaper using #ppwildheart. #diy #handmadedecor #partydecor

Once all the individual pieces were ready, I adhered the Flourish Decorative Trim to the back of the piece of pink ribbon I chose to hang the garland, so that only the small gold leaves showed from the sides.

Tropical Party Garland by @enzamg for @cratepaper using #ppwildheart. #diy #handmadedecor #partydecor

I then went on gluing down the flowers in a wavy pattern. For extra detail, I added gold leaves from the Flourish collection here and there in between the other leaves and flowers.

Tropical Party Garland by @enzamg for @cratepaper using #ppwildheart. #diy #handmadedecor #partydecor

This tropical paper garland was really fun and easy to make, and would be a great piece of décor for any summer party. It could also be used as a tabletop decoration!

Thank you for stopping by today!

Supply list: Wild Heart – Retreat (344429), Planted (344424), Hustle (344430), Palms (344422); Flourish – Decorative Trim (344405), Ephemera Pack (344394).

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