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Creating a cohesive look on a layout.

Hello there. I’m back with you today to share my tip on how to create a cohesive look on a layout. Although scrapbook collections, either physical and digital, are made of elements that are meant to go together, some times incorporating all the different bits and pieces can be a little challenging, depending on what you are used to work with. My goal when creating a page is to incorporate as many elements as possible in a way that makes sense to me.

One thing that I often do is pick a color or an element (or both) from a collection and use it as my main focal point. I think repetition is the key to achieve a well-rounded and harmonious look.

Elif Sahin - Picnic A

The new Picnic Day collection that Elif Sahin designed is full of gorgeous, bright colors and fun element. As I wanted to incorporate as much as I could in my project, I chose a cut file that allowed me to use different pattern papers over and over again without being overwhelming.

Elif Sahin - Picnic closeup 1

I also decided to stitch around some of the shapes to make them stand out a little more, as well as add colorful thread here and there. You can see how all the different colors alternate in a perfect sequence.

As much as I love the green polka dot pattern paper that comes in the collection, I thought it would be too much to add to this page, so I decided to modify it a little bit by covering it up with some vellum. You can still see the polka dots and a little bit of color in some of the shapes, but it is very light and airy.

Elif Sahin - Picnic closeup 2

I finished up my layout by adding some elements from the same collection, as well as some wood veneer and acrylic shapes (title) from my stash. Again repeating colors and textures.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my process and felt inspired by it.

Thank you for stopping by. Have a great day!


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